A manifesto for private renters

National Renters Manifesto covers six themes chosen and developed by renters themselves.

A manifesto for private renters

A National Renters Manifesto has been launched to set out the steps needed to ensure that everybody has a secure, affordable and decent home. The manifesto is based on joint work between Generation Rent, London Renters Union, ACORN, Tenants Union UK, Renters’ Rights London and the New Economics Foundation. 

The manifesto is an example of movement-led policy making, and covers six themes chosen and developed by renters themselves: security, affordability, justice, conditions, discrimination, and housing for people not profit.

The National Renters Manifesto is a clarion call for changes in policies to transform renting. It covers areas such as the urgent need for rent controls and for rented homes to meet more stringent energy efficiency levels to reduce the bills faced by tenants and help answer the climate emergency. It also calls for an end to Section 21 no-fault’ evictions and public investment in a massive national council and community-led housebuilding programme.

Download the manifesto.