Positive Money

Positive Money campaigns for a money and banking system that enables a fair, sustainable and democratic economy.

Positive Money’s vision is for a money and banking system that enables a fair, democratic, and sustainable economy.


An economy that isn’t driven by housing bubbles, stock market booms, and a bloated financial sector. Where wealth isn’t concentrated in fewer and fewer hands.

Instead, investment in productive sectors of the real economy, such as affordable housing, helps to boost incomes, bring down inequality and serve society’s needs.

Everyone has a right to access their money and make payments without relying on the big banks. Subsidies for big banks are removed, and there is a diverse ecosystem of new and better models of banking.


Government and central bank mandates reflect the fact that we cannot sustain infinite growth on a finite planet. Instead of focusing on short-term profit for private gains, their policies protect our environment and serve the public interest in the long-term.

Investment creates secure and sustainable jobs and tackles climate change.

New money is created by the central bank, ending our economy’s dependence on high levels of debt, creating a more stable economy.


Instead of working separately, the Bank of England and the Government collaborate in a democratic way.

More women, BAME people and professionals with experience in the real economy are appointed to the Bank of England’s most powerful committees. As a result, these committees are better informed, have a greater diversity of opinion, and ultimately make higher quality decisions.

The power to create and spend new money into the economy is brought under public, democratic control. Private banks become true intermediaries between savers and borrowers and no longer have the monopoly on creating money.