Company connecting people with self-care and counsellors trails four-day week.


Memiah, which connects people with self-care information and counsellors, began a four-day week trial in March 2019. The trial, which will last for six months, aims to find out if shorter working hours can improve staff health and happiness while maintaining or improving productivity. Staff will work a 32-hour week with no loss of pay.

Memiah PR manager Amie Sparrow said: Our study has just begun, and we expect to uncover many findings about productivity, stress, and mental health. However, we’re already noticing a shift in thinking amongst employees. Surprisingly, several of my colleagues’ first reaction to the study was that they didn’t know what they would do with an extra day off work, which shows how deeply ingrained the five-day working week is in our culture, which tends to revolve completely around work.”

New rules needed

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