Create a public register of landlords and rents

Create a public register of landlords and rents

And open-access database of landlords is crucial to introducing rent control.

Rents are, in aggregate, overinflated in London, but there is no database on rent levels for individual properties. Information about current rents at the level of individual homes is crucial to design, implement and enforce an effective system of rent control

A prerequisite for introducing rent control in London is therefore to establish data on current rental prices. We propose the creation of an open access online database of registered landlords and rents. Landlords would be required to register their properties on an online system. The database would then collect information from landlords on rent at appropriate points, such as an annual declaration or when new tenancies are signed. 

All tenancies could, if feasible, be held on the new database, thereby making the collection of data an automatic part of the letting process. Other information gathered could include the size, type and location of property.

Policy in practice

Projects that demonstrate the benefits or may be helped by polices like this.

  • London Renters Union
    Tenants are taking action against rip-off landlords to win lower rents and longer tenancies.