Homes for all

Make land a common resource for all.

Create a Public Land Bank

End the fire sale public land and instead use surplus land to form the basis for a Public Land Bank.

Create a Land Development Corporation

A corporation with the power to purchase, develop and sell land can ensure it is managed in the public interest.

Increase the supply of social housing

Expanding social housing is the only way government can meet its 300,000 target for new homes each year.

Introduce rent controls

Controls will create a fairer, more affordable private rented sector in London, and provide a model for other cities.

Create a public register of landlords and rents

And open-access database of landlords is crucial to introducing rent control.

Insulate and solarise our homes

UK homes are some of the most expensive to heat in Europe. We can reduce emissions and fuel poverty.

Start an English Land Commission

Commission will design a strategy for a fairer, more inclusive system of land and land ownership.

Tax unfair landowner gains

Redistribute unfair gains which landowners derive through public investment and land value increases.

Create a Common Ground Trust

Buying land from underneath houses and leasing it to members will expand the number of people ready to buy a house.

Introduce an NHS land community-lock

Any land asset sold by the NHS through choice, necessity or obligation should be used for community benefit.

Close the viability loophole

Stop private developers from evading affordable housing requirements.

Reform compulsory purchase laws

Changes would mean that public authorities, rather than landowners, would capture the uplift in land value.

More solutions coming soon…

The policies you see here are an initial selection. We'll be adding more soon.