Insulate and solarise our homes

Insulate and solarise our homes

UK homes are some of the most expensive to heat in Europe. We can reduce emissions and fuel poverty.

Huge numbers of homes are in disrepair all over the UK. Poor maintenance and insulation has led to UK homes being some of the most expensive to heat in Europe – driving up fuel poverty. And rather than fairly and sustainably delivering the new homes we need, big house builders are controlling supply and simply acting as land speculators. It is time for their behaviour to be seriously regulated, and for government to take an active role in leading us out of this crisis.

Measures include:

  • Properly fund and implement a UK-wide green economic strategy – increasing investment and development in every region beyond the South East.
  • Build top quality new homes – at no extra cost to the public. The estimated cost of implementing a zero-carbon homes standard is below £5,000 for a semi-detached house and under £3,000 for an apartment block.
  • Extensively insulate and solarise existing homes – with financial support from the government.
  • Green our heating systems.
  • Give local authorities more powers and teeth.

Policy in practice

Projects that demonstrate the benefits or may be helped by polices like this.

  • Fossetts for the People
    Campaigners want to ensure former NHS land is used for publicly owned social housing.
  • Goldsmith Street
    Winner of the 2019 RIBA Stirling prize, these eco-friendly homes are one of the first new council housing projects in a generation.
  • Lilac – Low Impact Living Affordable Community
    Lilac is a environmentally-friendly housing co-op with an innovative funding model.
  • Start Haringey
    Residents and workers aim to turn former hospital site into affordable housing.
  • Granby 4 Streets
    A determined group of residents saved their streets by taking them over.
  • Walterton and Elgin Community Homes
    Tenant-controlled housing estate emerged from the struggle of residents against the sale of their homes to private developers.
  • Save Druids Heath
    Residents fight council plans to rebuild their homes that ignore their community.
  • London Renters Union
    Tenants are taking action against rip-off landlords to win lower rents and longer tenancies.