Active state

A decentralised state that prioritises quality of life.

Roll out universal basic services

Quality public services allow us all to live better lives, and should be expanded beyond health and education.

Introduce a Weekly National Allowance

A weekly cash payment of £48 a week could lift 200,000 families out of poverty.

Reverse austerity

Austerity has pummelled living standards and public services. Now is the time to end it.

Introduce free personal social care

Free support for over-65s will help people age with dignity and close unsustainable divide between NHS and social care.

Create social wealth funds

Redress the imbalance between public and private wealth with commonly owned investment funds.

Expand democratic public ownership

New models of public ownership ensure control by users, workers and communities.

Insource public services

Ending outsourcing can help government and local authorities reduce costs and improve services.

Raise the national minimum wage

Raising the minimum wage would increase demand and boost productivity.

Replace GDP with better measures of national success

Better headline indicators – that reflect the things we really want – are essential for better policymaking.

Launch a national investment bank

National investment banks can steer capital towards public priorities and economic transformation.

Reform and directly fund childcare

Measures will boost funding and create providers that put families before profits.

Create devolved ‘just transition’ funds

Government should devolve a proportion of its Green New Deal budget to support local just transition plans.

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