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Inspiring projects across the UK

Green transition

To avoid catastrophic climate breakdown, we need rapid transition to a zero-carbon economy. These projects show how this can be done – but only if they are scaled up and multiplied.


Community-led campaign saved seabed and marine life from devastation.

Bristol Energy

Bristol Energy was one of the first local authority-owned not-for-profit energy companies.

Eckington Against Fracking

Local residents battle multinational chemicals giant Ineos to prevent fracking.

Goldsmith Street

Winner of the 2019 RIBA Stirling prize, these eco-friendly homes are one of the first new council housing projects in a generation.

Great North Energy

Great North Energy is part of a new wave of not-for-profit energy companies set up by local authorities.

Hackney Energy

Hackney Energy works with residents to build community-owned solar power.

Harland and Wolff occupation

Workers occupying threatened shipyard call for public ownership to create new jobs in renewable energy.

Isle of Eigg

Community-owned Eigg has been labelled Britain's most eco-friendly island.

Lilac – Low Impact Living Affordable Community

Lilac is a environmentally-friendly housing co-op with an innovative funding model.

People's Energy

East Lothian company aims to take on the Big Six energy suppliers and give profits back to customers.

Poole Harbour

A once illegal fishery has been reborn as a model of sustainability.

Ram Energy

Ram Energy is part of a new wave of not-for-profit energy companies set up by local authorities.

Riverford Organics

Riverford switched to employee ownership to protect its values and independence in 2018.

Robin Hood Energy

Robin Hood Energy is the first not-for-profit energy company owned by a local authority.

Welcome to Our Woods

Community organisation runs forests for the benefit of all.

YnNi Teg

YnNi Teg develops and builds renewable energy generators in Wales, funded by community shares.

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